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Various work

An updated aesthetic for the AdHawk Dashboard
Rapid prototyping with AdHawk

To you, AdHawk is a company that helps analyze and optimize your digital advertizing. To me they’re a company that I have a blast working with on small, fast paced projects. They’ve got full time designers on staff but often hire me to take care of side projects as to not distract their busy design team. This lets me design without many restraints and usually work directly with a single point of contact.

With AdHawk my process is a little different than normal since most of the work I do is conceptual or experimental and not intended to be built for a production deploy. We start with a rough idea of what we want to test out and I run with it. I’m in constant communication with them about shaping the design and rely heavily on the insights they have from talking to their user base.

Todd Saunders, Co-Founder, AdHawk Todd Saunders CEO, Co-Founder

Working with Fred was a seamless experience. Although Fred was technically a contractor, he spent the time to understand our business, goals and brand positioning. It really felt like he was part of the team.

Dan Pratt, Co-Founder, AdHawk Dan Pratt COO, Co-Founder

Fred’s ability to turn rough guidelines into beautiful and intuitive designs is unparalleled. He’s been an incredible asset to the team at AdHawk.

Search Terms Report

On one of our recent projects, we wanted to make it much easier to do some of the simple tasks with your Google Search Terms. Currently, the only way to view or modify these terms was via a fairly complex AdHawk dashboard. We pared the content down a ton, highlighted only the key metrics, and allowed users to exclude keywords (or skip for now) right from a simple mobile interface. Most of the decisions were made based on years of listening to feedback from AdHawks users and having a good understanding of what they need.

The Search Terms mobile prototype
An automated marketing workflow

Another idea from the AdHawk backlog was to make an automated workflow for common marketing tasks For this exmaple we used email campaigns and actions to be triggered automatically based on a user interaction with the email. This design was created to visualize the flow, not to be that actual experience. We used it in a pitch deck to explain the thought process behind building a tool like this.

Like most AdHawk projects, there was a lot of collaboration with frequent back and forth communication, it really helps shape the design into a place both myself and the client are happy with.

Visual representation of an automated workflow concept for marketing teams
2015 initial iOS design

Back in the early days of the Hawk, their team wanted to bring their new app to mobile. We worked together for a few weeks on the design, which took their web presence and translated it to mobile. This one actually was a production level project and has since morphed into the current iPhone app they use today.

A few delivered screens for the first AdHawk iPhone app
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