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Homepage, basic logo design, and in app UI

From MVP to first release

Federacy is a bug bounty app which helps pair technical experts with companies wanting their code to be as secure as possible. In early 2018, they approached me to put a fresh coat of paint on their homepage before releasing the MVP to the world. After a few days of design and iteration, we came up with what you see there today but this was just the beginning.

William Sulsinki, Co-Founder, Federacy William Sulinski CEO, Co-Founder

I’ve worked with Fred at each of my three venture-funded startups because he is one of a very small number of designers who asks good questions and can make a product and interface fundamentally simpler. He was a secret weapon for us during Y Combinator, enabling us to push product iterations many times faster.

Over the course of the year, we'd spend a few weeks here and there working on the core pieces of the Federacy product. What you see below is the result of that labor. Our goal was to create a directory of potential vulnerabilities in any given company's code. Developers then browse to find out where their expertise can help the most. Previously this was just a list of all vulnerabilities in the system by every company and with no ability to sort or filter.

Federacy Vulnerabilities
Moving forward

The next step after fixing up the Vulnerabilities list was to improve the UX of a rough first pass at the Vulnerability details view. The MVP version of this was nothing more than all of the information about a vulnerability displayed on screen without much thought towards hierachy, organization, or ease of use. That's where I came in.

Federacy Vulernability Detail View

The original page scrolled almost endlessly and was quite hard to grock, even from someone very familiar with the product. I spent a few days working on a new layout focusing heavily on removing anything unnecessary and structuring the remaining elements in such a way that a user could easily digest them all and take action quickly.

My work with Federacy is ongoing and I'll keep posting updates here as they're created.

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