from flightcrew

Oct 28

Whiteboard or Die

I have a theory: "He who controls the whiteboard controls the conversation." There's a certain level of implied command when you're standing in front of the room putting your ideas into writing, or real-time editing the thoughts of others (no matter how subtlety)

If you're an introvert, it may be extremely hard to combat this extrovert-controlled reality.

At Boundless, we do our best to make sure everyone is a capable "whiteboard warrior", allowing the best ideas to surface. The best way to ensure such equality, is by hiring folks who are comfortable communicators - one of the reasons we screen all candidates by asking them to give a full-team presentation. Can they hold the companies attention and make a point?

Oct 17
Oct 02

You're a Neuron, Upgrade Yourself

(Subtitle: buy the iPhone 5 or any other phone-upgrade you can afford)

I have a pet theory I'll share fully another day, but the gist of it is that as a knowledge worker, you're a neuron in an emerging global organism (society), routing information and influencing other cells (humans) to keep the organism alive.

As a neuron, even a 20% boost in 'dendritical' or 'axonic' capability/speed is HUGELY meaningful... so why would you spend anytime at all debating whether you'd upgrade your phone, on-cycle or not? You just should.

My friend, Eric, makes a similar point here.